Hours of hunting can be spent around the countryside of Woonsocket.  Enjoy pheasant, deer, coyote, duck, and goose hunting.  There are many hunting lodges available in the area:



  Evers Pheasant Hunting

  Feistner’s Hunting & Guide Service

  The Roost ** 605-796-4804 or 847-814-0421

  Swenson, Kent & Gay

Hunting & Watermelons

Thousands of melons are grown annually.  Many stands sell these melons.  Watermelon, muskmelon, squash, and pumpkin are raised in the area.  Some of the area producers include:

  Larry Baysinger Melons ** 605-796-4525

  Larson’s Melon Market - Charles Larson **       


  Larson Melons - Kelly & Paul Larson **   

    605-796-4169 or 605-495-4188

  Randy Larson ** 605-796-4088

  Swenson Produce ** 605-796-4272