Well Fund Drive

List of Donors:


4 Bar S

Vicki Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Amadon

Owen Anderson

Chad Andree

Basham Funeral Service

In Memory of Clare Ballord

   The Bissell Family

   The Warren Family

   Arlene Hanton

   Jim & Lois Evers

   Lila & Boyce Coleman

   Matt Krammer

   Lela Kappelman

   Betty Arens

Basham Funeral Service

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Baysinger

Delores Bissell

Mr. & Mrs. Rian Boschee

Barb Brisbine

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brisbine

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Brueske

Dr. & Mrs. Bill Cahill

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Cahill

Dakotaland FCU

Children of Leonard & Dorothy Dankey

   Leonard Dankey

   Marilyn Moor

   Dorothy Broste

Don’s Silver Dollar

Donald Druse

Bernice Eddy

Janet Eining

Mr. & Mrs. Cory Feistner

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Feistner

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Feistner

Gayle Feistner

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Feistner

First National Bank SD

Albert Foos

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Forest

Dennis Gere

Mr. & Mrs. Milo Godfrey

Harold & Verdis Heidler

   (in memory of “Cap” & Ruth Peterson)

Greg Heil

Evelyn Hjelm

James Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jenssen

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jorgenson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kappel

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kilcoin

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Klaas

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Klaas

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Knigge

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kroell

Mr. & Mrs. Levo Larson

Janice Lepore (in memory of Edith Howard)

Bryan & Hillary Lutter

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mann

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Meyer

William R. Miller

Geraldine Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moran

Lea Moran

Lynn Moran

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Moran

Molly Moran

Rose Marie Moran

Mr. & Mrs. John Nissen

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ohlrogge

J. M. Mitchell Padmore

Kenny & Ole Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Peterson

Producers Hybrids

Mary Kay Regynski

   (in memory of Bill & Julie Ashfield)

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reider

Don & Rosalie Reider Memorial

St. Wilfrid Church

   “in honor of all St. Wilfrid’s volunteers”

Gary Sandness

Mr. & Mrs. James Sandness

Mike Sandness

Steven Sandness

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schmidt

Bob & Jill Siedschlaw

Delores Steichen

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Steichen

DeLila Strand

Charles & Connie Swenson

Colleen Swenson

Dale & Wanda Swenson

Dan & Jane Swenson

Darren & Heidi Swenson

David & Jill Swenson

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Swenson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Swenson

Kent & Gay Swenson

Paul Swenson

Rosemary Swenson

Mr. & Mrs. Loren Tiede

Children & grandchildren of Loren &

Florence Tiede

   Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Tiede & family

   Mr. & Mrs. Tim Weaver & family

   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ball & family

   Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Tiede & family

   Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Tiede & family

   Mr. & Mrs. Corwyn Tiede & family

   Sandra Roti & family

Mary Jo Vetter

Gen. Volney Frank Warner, (Retired) &  

   Janice Warner

Jo White

Mr. & Mrs. Mike White (White’s Drive In)

Woonsocket Community Club

Woonsocket Student Council

A special thank you to Gen. Volney Frank Warner (Ret.) & Janice Warner for helping start the fund. drive.

Text Box:    $21,000

“World’s Largest Artesian Well”

     A fund drive was established at First National Bank South Dakota to raise money for a “Floating Fountain,” which will replicate the “World’s Largest Artesian Well” of the past. 

     This floating fountain will shoot a stream of water over 100 ft. into the air on Lake Prior and comes with an optional light kit that adds to the beauty of it at night.  It is computer controlled for windy days and also has a timer for running at select times of the day or night.

     The “Well” was a huge part of Woonsocket’s fame in history and can once again become an “attraction” to coincide with the newly constructed water park, new bridge, and the future depot museum.

     The new “Floating Fountain is installed and ready for the 4th of July celebration.

     Thanks to all who have donated so far.  To reach our final goal, donations can be sent to:  “The Well Fund” at FNBSD, PO Box 98, Woonsocket SD  57385.  Contact Gay Swenson or Dan Swenson for more information.